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***** WE HAVED MOVED TO TERRYS CORNER!**** "Our practice is relaxed, friendly, and patient centered.  We offer the finest quality and the best service at the lowest cost.  Dr. Anderson is committed to providing dentistry that is healthy and provides sustained, long-term value."

Have dental problems? We have the answers just for you.  There are times in life when the same old routine isn't enough and being "in your network" just doesn't give you what you want. You need someone who can give you more because of skill, experience, and a passion for your well-being.  You don't have to go far, it's right here on Camano Island!

When you visit our office your dental care, comfort, and trust are our top priorities.  We are dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve at a cost that is 20-30% lower than common local area dental fees.  Our practice focus is to provide dental care to patients over 50 years of age with NO DENTAL INSURANCE.  See FAQ'S for details. Thanks for the referrals.  Without word-of-mouth referrals we would have to shut our doors!

***Our fees have not been raised since December of 2008!*** Most dental offices raise their fees every six months! Dental fees have spiraled to out of control levels.  We offer a different experience.  

The standard of care for your initial visit is full-mouth x-rays ($96) and a new patient exam ($48).  This service costs $144 and takes about an hour.  Dr. Anderson reviews your health history, dental history, and performs a thorough dental examination.  We gather information at this visit, make a plan, and phase the plan.  We show dental videos, give you brochures, and discuss all treatment needs and options. We do not clean your teeth at this visit--we periodontal chart and diagnose your cleaning needs (a basic cleaning in the absence of gum disease is $72).  You receive a copy of your treatment plan with all fees listed.  

Any proposed dental procedures will be treatment I would want done on myself or a loved one. 

"We feel strongly that good oral health is directly related to your well-being and it's a lifetime investment that is forever yours."

As of January 2015 the practice is about 80% full. We will continue to accept new patients as long as we can meet the following goals: 1) not expand office size,  2) not work any more hours,  3) keep our fees low, and 4) continue our commitment to give the patient the attention they deserve. We are great listeners!

We are usually booked at least a month ahead. Unless you have a dental emergency please call at least a month before you would like to be seen. We see emergency patients as soon as possible. Thank-you! Office hours are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

We do not have a receptionist and normally do NOT answer the phone. Please leave us a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.   Dr. Anderson sets all appointments and will call you back promptly to discuss your dental concerns, fees, appointments, etc.

"Our intention is to communicate to our patients that they will get the most up-to-date techniques, care, and quality products while paying only a moderate cost"

Contact us today!  

We genuinely hope this site is helpful to you in learning more about our practice, dental conditions and treatments, dental recommendations, and more. 


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